Enhancing Your Sex Life

Relationships need to be nurtured and carefully supported by both partners. It needs a lot of investment in terms of emotional presence and working to establish a physical connection. One of the most divisive questions is the importance of sex in a relationship, and the influence it has on intimacy and coexistence. Studies have shown that couples who have a healthy sex life tend to have higher relationship satisfaction. Well, today we give you not only reasons to believe sex is an important aspect for total relationship happiness but also the styles, techniques and positions you as a couple can use to optimize your bond and create more fulfilling, meaningful and exciting moments together.

Before we start on the sex moves, let’s talk about intimacy and the fact that intimacy is the ultimate goal we should desire; even sex should be geared towards creating and improving intimacy. Intimacy refers to emotional connection and togetherness. Ultimate intimacy should make one feel like they are engaging in an activity much bigger than just self-satisfaction. It should feel like the two partners are deeply interconnected in one force of love and affection. Here are some of the techniques that could help achieve intimacy;

Eye Contact- you must have heard of this before, it is important to maintain eye contact with your lover during the process. Styles that enable eye contact makes the two of you feel like you are both engaging in one thing, becoming one thing.it brings out some form of honesty and openness to one another. It’s like you can see the truth about the two of you and you are more likely to see the important aspects of love and joy in your relationship.

Vulnerability in sexual positions- it is important to let go of everything and let your inner self be seen by your partner. Women have experienced higher levels of intimacy when they have let go and allowed their partners to penetrate them physically and emotionally, without trying to be in control. While in current times women are empowered and may sometimes hold on to themselves, it is advised that they let the walls melt and show him their deepest emotions.

Innovation and adventure- many people keep repeating the same one or two positions every time. It’s not really the worst thing that can happen but trying out new styles can spice up your sex life and make it more interesting. It is proven that it leads to longer, healthier sex lives. To get started, visit the best sex shop online, Lovedreamer.

Spiritual transcendence- this is the ultimate case of intimacy as it involves a much deeper force than both of you. Try to achieve it, though there is no set methods for doing so. Just focus the attention on the connection between you and your partner, do it slow, let go of all control and become a single erotic force with your lover and the universe

Other important sex aspects include having explicit talks with one another, setting appropriate scenes to signify romance, allowing oneself to be seen at all times or any time during sex, trying extra-ordinary things together, role playing among others. Try some of these and be on the way to intimacy and better sex life.